Brighton Family Photographer



I'm Liza a Brighton family photographer who loves capturing fun, natural and everyday moments for nature-loving adventurous Sussex families.

I photograph families having happy times together, making memories on a family day out. Nothing posed, just relaxed, natural and sometimes a little crazy family photography!

If you like the sound of fun, natural and totally unposed family photos you will love my easy-going super relaxed style that captures all your fun family moments and keeps those good-time memories alive forever.

Everything from giggles to tears, creep up to bubble blowing, races over hills, tree climbing, sea paddling, stick throwing and the biggest bear hugs and kisses you can imagine.

dirt loving outdoorsy families!

Liza! thanks so much for our amazing photos, we love them! It was a very, very hard decision to decide which ones we want printed! Thank you so much.

Pulling Family Brighton
Chris, Jude, Amy and Isla.

making memories

these are the best days of their lives

Now more than ever we understand what a real sense of family means. Along with the challenges of recent months family time is being rediscovered. Walks, bike rides, playing games, reading, homeschooling - just being together. Breathing in clean air and listening to the birds sing. We have a new appreciation for nature and life.

I reckon the joy of being a family reconnecting with each other and rethinking our priorities are huge pluses to come about from the coronavirus. These positive family experiences will help us heal and love. We are creating memories and times the whole family will remember forever.